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Going back to school
posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 12:07 PM by Nurul Danish

I'm officially 3 months pregnant now. Alhamdullilah. Everything seems great and wonderful. Currently i'm on my last module but there are 2 more levels I need to complete in order to get the Diploma in Accounting. Rest assured. My lecturer said I can continue after i've given birth next year. Therefore I'll be taking my examinations somewhere in November this year. So far I don't feel stress at all. Infact I felt more energetic and always looking forward to learn more things. Some people said it's good to study while pregnant. Good for baby especially their brain. Many asked me, "Why are you taking accounts? Not stress meh?" Just my interest that's all. My school is at Redhill now. Can you imagine long journey about an hour? Luckily my dad fetch me everyday to and fro. So blessed to be surrounded by awesome people. Yes, i'm a full time student only for this module. Anyway I can't wait for my next check up on 26th! Please pray for me! 

1 week to 2nd Trimester
posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 12:45 PM by Nurul Danish

Hi all. I'm feeling just fine today. So I had my morning sickness all night - nausea, heartburn... but now, my nausea subsides (which is a very good thing) and i don't crave that much. Some people craving for sweets but i don't. Weird but okay. Every pregnancy is different. I do drink lots of plain (cold) water, not gassy drinks (i used to love), eat lots of fruits (good because naturally i don't love fruits).

Besides that emotionally? I'm okay but a little bit sensitive. Therefore I just avoid talking to certain people - I deactivated my facebook because I don't wish to see negative post or weird/scary posts. What else? Less entertain (low life) people who are not important in my life. For example like some people i know went extra miles to investigate whether i'm really pregnant or not. The best part just because i'm pregnant with twins (unfortunately, twin B stopped growing) she couldn't accept it. She even went to google "what-shit" in the "what-system" to check it. I'm sorry to be rude here, you're not a "nurse or doctor" in the first place so don't act like you're some kind of big shot. Yes you used to work as nurse (student) last time but now not anymore? You're fired remember that because you gave the wrong medications to the patients so you're not qualified my dear. And you jolly well knows what's the reason. Why would i make up stories about being pregnant with twins? You're crazy sia. Grow up for once. You need to stop being busybody with other people life and be happy with your life. Still not satisfied you can call me and talk to me whenever. For once why can't you just be happy for your cousin instead of being jealousy for no reasons. Just stop being so competitive.

Here's my scan at 5 weeks - 2 pregnancy sacs and 1 heartbeat. So we went back to A&E KKH because i had a very bad cramps in the middle of night. By then it was 8 weeks, the doctor said Twin A has a strong heartbeat while Twin B stopped developing. Ya Allah, another test for me. Doctor said Twin B sac is measures a bit smaller than Twin A. I believe everything happens for a reason. As long the other baby is okay i'm good. I'm grateful to have a husband, my son, my parents, my siblings and closest friends for always being there for me. Especially my husband, he work very hard for us. He is very independent and hard working person. Anyway he just got his promotion last 3 weeks. Rezeki Alhamdullilah. I'm proud of him. With lots of sabr insha'Allah Allah will fulfill your wishes. Well i got to go now 

First Trimester
posted on Monday, July 4, 2016 at 5:36 PM by Nurul Danish

When was the last time I had a baby? 8 years ago, I guess. Purrr... I've to eat mini meals throughout the day to ease the digestion and keep my stomach filled. Because Nausea is even more worse on empty stomach. So far I have no food cravings, I just avoid certain foods and yes cooking too. Unbelievable ah. No matter how much I love to cook, I just have to give it a pass. I'm always feeling tired 24 hours and they said it's normal for pregnancy. I hope so.

I couldn't even wake up for Solat Subuh and always have to qadar. Honestly I do feel bad everytime.  Forgive me Allah! Husband been helping me out with house chores and cooking. He has been reading a lot about pregnancy which is good. Alhamdullilah. You don't know how thankful and grateful to have a husband like him. 

And pee-ing part? Yes always. No comment on that. Ok that's all. I'm going to take a nap again. Bye.

#1 ED progression
posted on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 4:14 PM by Nurul Danish

"He listened to my instructions by switching off the air conditioner in our rooms and put back the remote controller at their respective places."

Use your time and energy effectively
posted on at 7:32 AM by Nurul Danish

Nearly everybody gossips. Sometimes you won't even realise that you're doing it. The worst part is that most people actually enjoy it! They love the excitement of finding out the nitty gritty about those around them. I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best; "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

Most that like to gossip will probably not consider themselves as judgemental people. They'll simply see it as a harmless activity. Regardless of this, gossiping is an activity that interacts with our ego; whether we do it to judge or for a reaction, we do it to try and feel good. Gossiping is actually harmful. Every thought and word holds a powerful vibration. So, when we discuss others, we are sending a form of negative energy out into the Universe. As a result, this lowers our own vibration, creating toxic events in our lives which will reproduce ill feelings. If you've studied Ayurvedic medicine, you might also be aware that gossiping affects the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra and most importantly, our third eye chakra; preventing us from transcending to higher vibrational states.

Nobody likes being gossiped about, so why do it yourself? Everybody is different. We are all trying our best on our path and journey - what gives you the right to judge someone else's? Social media and entertainment outlets have made it socially acceptable to gossip, even by selling us "interesting" lies. All this does however, is contribute to lower vibrational energy within us. You should also remember that gossiping doesn't define the people being talked about, only the people talking about them. It can reveal a lot about their insecurities, issues and most importantly, how they use they their time (so ineffectively).

Discussing problems and sharing information with your friends is fine when the intention doesn't stem from the ego. However, for the most part, gossiping provides a false sense of self, brings bad vibes into your energetic field and prevents us from experiencing positive things. Give it up.

Embrace your flaws
posted on at 7:26 AM by Nurul Danish

"Embrace your flaws and get comfortable in your own skin. Wear your imperfections like they don't need a season to be fashionable."

When did we start becoming defined by the rest of society? Man and woman originated on this planet with no rules. We created them. We manipulated them. We fed them to others and became followers. When you work off someone else's scale to assess something that can only perceived, you are no longer free. You are held captive to someone else's ideas and a slave to their opinion.

✓ The size of your jeans doesn't define you.
✓ The colour and shade of your skin doesn't define you.
✓ That number on the scale doesn't define you.
✓ Those marks on your face don't define you.
✓ Those expectations don't define you.
✓ Those opinions don't define you.

You simply exist as a being of love and light. Your beauty is not for everyone, but that doesn't matter. It does not mean that you are less beautiful than any other human being. We seem to have created a model for beauty to measure how "good" someone looks. Yet, there is no answer to beauty that can be seen by the eye; perception differs. That's why it's a subjective reality.

Wear your imperfections perfectly. NEVER stop loving yourself. Even when you look at your arms and think that they're flabby, remember there's people out there without any arms. When you feel like you have a belly, remember that this feeling represents that you're eating comfortably, while there's others out there who are starving. See these things as blessings.

Work on yourself, for yourself. If you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, start internally first. Show appreciation to yourself; to your flaws and imperfections. Realise that no one is perfect because "perfect" is subjective. If you then want to want to work on yourself physically and improve your health, continue to do so. However, it doesn't matter if it's Spring or Summer, Autumn or Winter... Remember, your beauty will never go out of fashion. So start wearing what our Creator has given you, with confidence.

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